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Have you ever wondered if you could make a difference? I think I can. I believe there is a link between breastfeeding and miyupimaatisin. You are probably saying right now: “What kind of link could there possibly be?”

For a long time, I believed that breastfeeding was simply a way of providing a type of baby food. I even thought it was a choice offered to me – “Hmm, should I breastfeed or bottlefeed?” – as if commercial infant formula made with chemicals and processed products could equal breastmilk, a naturally nutritious liquid composed of everything a baby needs, including protection against many illness, to develop her body… and her mind.

At birth, a baby has a brain that is only 30 % of the way through its development into an adult brain. By the time the baby is three years old, the brain is 90% developed. This huge 60% increase in brain development is  because of the connections that are constantly being made between the brain cells. The first intellectual capacity to develop after your baby’s birth is her emotional intelligence. This operation occurs during a specific time frame, a “critical period,” as we say: the first 3 years of a child’s life! The child’s brain is programmed to do this, but the more you help it and the more you stimulate the connections between the brain cells, the more effectively the connections are made. As parents, caregivers, family and community members, how can we help stimulate these connections? By loving, cuddling, touching, comforting, soothing, rocking and carrying our children. By doing this, we help make the child emotionally healthy and strong.

We also need to make our children part of our daily activities. We need to talk to them, just as we talk to adults. We need to show them how we love and respect each other and how we interact socially. A baby carrier, where the baby is positioned so she can look at her mother, is good as 1) she will be in close contact with her mother who can always touch, caress and kiss her, and 2) she will see her mother’s reactions to and behaviour with the outside world.

What happens to a child in early infancy influences her adult life. It affects her thoughts and her feeling of self-worth as she grows older. Being shown love as a child empowers the future adult in her: a child raised with love is a child who will love others! Breastfeeding enhances bonding and gives the mother and child the close contact needed to create a strong and healthy relationship.

You want to help your community? Promote, Encourage and Support Breastfeeding!  J

Dany G.


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