Posted by: Admin | March 2, 2011

Watch a short video: Asymmetric Latch? What is that?

It is not always easy for babies to latch on correctly to the breast. Many mothers report having difficulties with this, and some even suffer the consequences of a bad latch: sore or cracked nipples.

We used to think nipples needed to get toughened up, but we now know that is not possible. If the baby’s gums close on the nipple, it is extremely painful and can cause the skin to break. To be able to breastfeed without causing you pain, your baby needs to place his gums on the areola. An asymmetrical latch is even better, as it enables the baby to take the breast deeper in his mouth.

Having a good latch enables the baby to get all the milk he needs, and that is a priority. Check out this video from the Newman Lactation Clinic and Institute in Toronto: watch closely to see how an asymmetrical latch is done!



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