Posted by: Admin | March 3, 2011

Watch a short video: Never when he is crying!

Your baby just woke up and he is hungry. You are trying to make yourself comfortable to breastfeed while he is getting more and more frustrated. When you are finally ready to latch him on, he is furious. You try to latch him on, but no can do!! He simply gets more frustrated and pushes away from the breast. You feel rejected and worried.

This is a very common scene amongst mothers. We are told to breastfeed every X hours. We wait and wait for the minutes to pass to stretch the interval between the feedings. But this rarely works, because babies need to be breastfed on demand, whenever they are hungry. We should never try to breastfeed according to a specific schedule, because we need to respond to baby’s hunger cues.

These cues are very easy to see, if your baby is near you. But it is impossible to notice hunger cues when your baby is in another room. When babies are hungry, they make little noises, they suck their lips, they bring their fists to their mouth, they suck their fingers, and they smack their lips. And the last hunger cue they give is that they cry. When your baby starts to cry, it is more difficult to put him to the breast, because he is lifting his tongue to his palate, making a good latch is almost impossible to acheive.

Ideally, you would never latch your baby onto the breast while he is crying. Check out this video from the Newman Lactation Clinic and Institute, showing a mother and a Lactation Consultant trying to put a crying baby to the breast. They do succeed, but only because the baby decided to calm himself, which rarely happens. Never latch your baby on when he is crying!



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