Posted by: Admin | March 4, 2011

On demand breastfeeding: What exactly does it mean?

How would you feel if every 4 hours, someone put a plate of food in front of you? Hmmm, you are thinking, maybe this would not be a bad idea… 🙂 Joking aside, though, you might find it fun at the beginning, but how about when you are sleeping deeply in the middle of the night? Would you like to be awakened to have food put into your mouth? How about when you are not hungry? How would you feel then?

Babies cannot always be hungry at the same time and for the same quantity of food. It would be completely unnatural, almost like being a machine! But then, you ask, “How will I know if my baby is hungry?” And you are right to ask, as it will be difficult to know in the beginning. In the previous post, I wrote about babies’ hunger cues: they make little noises, suck their lips, bring their fists to their mouth, suck on their fingers, smack their lips and, eventually, cry. You will hear the crying, but if your baby is far from you, you will not be able to notice all the little signs. The crying is a late hunger cue, and by then it is usually too late! Your baby will be nervous and agitated.

To hear all those little hunger cues, you need to stay close to your baby. You need to be able to hear him, see him and touch him. This is how you will know when he is hungry – not according to a schedule.

Read tomorrow’s post about Breastfeeding Day and Night.



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