Posted by: Admin | March 10, 2011

Celebrities breastfeed – so why not you?

Céline Dion is quoted as saying she will continue to breastfeed her twins when she starts her show in Las Vegas on March 15. The twins will be 5 months old when her show starts up again, and she will have them brought to her to breastfeed. Many other celebrities have been quite public about breastfeeding: Angelina Joli, Christina Aguilera,  Gwen Stefani, Kelly Brossnan, Jerry Hall, Maggie Gyllenhaal and many more.

But Selma Hayek wins the contest by far in terms of the public exposure she received from the act of breastfeeding!  While she was visiting a developing country, she encountered a hungry baby who shared his birthday with her own one-year-old child. She earnestly decided to breastfeed him.  You can watch a video of her doing this and hear her thoughts on it afterwards.

This behaviour was common in the old days. Cree mothers used to breastfeed each other’s children all the time for many different reasons: if a mother needed to be away from her child, if a mother was ill, if a child lost its mother in childbirth, and so on.  It was also very common in other cultures, and still is in some. This is actually how a child survived. A breastfed child was seven times as likely as a non-breastfed child to survive. It did not matter who breastfed the baby: it was the effect of breastmilk.  Children that were not born from the same mother, but were breastfed by the same woman, where called “Milk Brothers” or Milk Sisters”. Nowadays, though, authorities do not recommend this practice, especially as illnesses such as hepatitis and HIV are secreted in breastmilk. However, as breastmilk is such an important food for babies, milk banks are in effect all over North America. Milk banks screen donor mothers and pasteurize their milk before they give or sell it. Canada has only one milk bank, in British Columbia, but Hema-Quebec is seriously looking into opening one in Quebec. Milk banks are essential as breastmilk is life-giving for all infants, but even more so for ill and premature babies.

Remember, breastmilk is the gold standard in child nutrition. But even more, it is just the normal way to feed a child…




  1. My daughter receives milk from donor moms in our area, as well as from me. However, due to a reduction, I do no produce all she needs. Thanks to these donor moms, my daughter receives the best available for her, even though I can’t personally make it for her. Way to go Selma!

    • Hello!
      Breastmilk is the most precious human ressouce that exists. The women that give breastmilk so generously are helping their own species survive. I congratulate them. As I am a Public Health Authority rep, it is important that I mention you should make sure the donors are screened or that the breastmilk is pasteurized.
      I would like to congratulate you for making sure your child receives a full dose of breastmilk! Way to go!!!
      Thank you for reading my Blog!

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