Posted by: Admin | March 22, 2011

Introducing “Dear LC”!

I started the Cree Breastfeeding Blog in February. For awhile, I tried posting every day. It was fun, but it was difficult to keep up. Now, I publish one post for the week-end and two others during the week. This seems to be working out OK for me. So I have been thinking about having themes and this is what I have come up with: the Week-End posts will always be about a little bit of everything – breastfeeding in the news, small videos, etc. The Tuesday post will always be about me sharing part of my breastfeeding experience with my readers or giving my opinion on something, etc. But what could I do with the Thursday post?  Then I came up with the idea of a “Dear Abby” type of weekly post where I could answer questions sent to me privately via this blog, Facebook, etc. Naturally, in the Dear Abby tradition, the person asking the question would remain anonymous. So next I needed a title for the post: “How about ‘Dear Mrs Lactation Consultant’?,” I wondered. A little too formal? I even thought about Miss Boobies or Mrs Tits…. LOL! But nahhhh, that is not proper, right? It’s funny, yes, but I work for the Cree Health Board, after all! So then I thought “How about Dear ‘LC’?” In the breastfeeding world, we call a Lactation Consultant an “LC” for short. So that one seemed like the best choice. And starting next Thursday I will answer your questions. You can write them by using the reply function to this post below or you can inbox me on Facebook. The reply function will ask you for your e-mail but I will delete anything that can identify you. I will only post the question.

Here is a little preview of Thursday’s Post:

Dear LC, Can I smoke if I am breastfeeding?

It is always better to breastfeed and smoke, then to smoke and not breastfeed. Let me explain…

Read the post on Thursday for the rest!




  1. Dear LC,

    I’ve been told that drinking a beer will help my milk supply. Is that true?

    • Hello Serena!

      Thanks for your interest. I will be answering your question in the Dear LC Blog of April 7th. Stay tuned!


  2. Dear LC,
    Is drinking approximately 3 cups of coffee per day okay for breastfeeding moms? What about an occasional glass of red wine with your meal or for a special occasion ?
    Thank you,

    • Thank Marisa! Dear LC will answer your questions. Drinking coffee will be discussed on March 31st and Drinking alcohol on April 7th.

      Have good day!!!


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