Posted by: Admin | March 26, 2011

The Week-End Post: Breastfeeding in Movies Part 1

Breastfeeding is part of the Cree culture. Breastfeeding is also part of other cultures. It is interesting to see infant feeding practices in different settings and in different countries and we can do this simply by watching movies. I have a list of movies where we can see a mother breastfeeding her baby. The first one that I find important to mention is Pretty Baby, a 1978 historical drama set in 1917 and directed by Louis Malle (Candace Bergen’s husband). This movie was made famous by the controversial nude scenes of the then pre-teen Brooke Shields, who plays Violet. There is also a breastfeeding scene that depicts Madame Nell, a prostitute played by Susan Sarandon, breastfeeding Violet’s baby brother. It is interesting to notice that the baby is really being breastfed by Susan Sarandon, who is completely naked from the waist up. Here is the passage:

Have you seen a movie showing or discussing breastfeeding lately? Tell us about it!



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