Posted by: Admin | April 13, 2011

April 13th, 2011 – Special Post – is now Ad-Free!

I received an e-mail from a co-worker today letting me know that some ads were appearing on my blog. I knew that WordPress did allow ads, but I did not know that some of those ads were from baby formula or artificial milk companies.

Just like tobacco companies, baby artificial milk companies are asked not to publicize their product to the general public as it undermines our children’s health. Babies need to receive breastmilk to be healthy, but the baby artificial milk industry would like to make us believe otherwise. They go as far as to tell us that they can make artificial milk just as good as breastmilk – or even better! They say they are basing their formula on the components in breastmilk, and that they even have an advantage: they can add “extras” that they say human babies need, like fish oil! The problem is, fish oil is not what our babies need.They need the fatty acids of breastmilk made specifically for human babies.

In industrialized countries (like ours), where clean and safe water is available, baby artificial milk can be a third choice. Yes, I did say third choice: the first being breastmilk from the mother, and the second being breastmilk from a milk bank! As we have only one milk bank in Canada and the milk they collect is reserved for sick or premature babies, baby artificial milk takes a second choice placing. But in developing countries, where clean water is not readily available and much water is unsafe for human consumption, artificial milk can be downright deadly! It can kill a baby in just a few days with diarrhea or other diseases transmitted through the unclean water. But despite that danger, artificial milk companies still market their product in these countries. In some countries they even distribute their expired product freely in a show of false generosity.

All over the world people are boycotts companies that do such things. The most infamous company is Nestlé. Here are some sites you can visit to get more information:

In industrialized countries like Canada, where the water supply is safe in most places, artificial milk marketing takes on a different meaning. Mothers who are affected by this marketing believe artificial milk is equal to breastmilk and are often encouraged to feed it to their babies by health care professionals who are also misinformed. In addition, it is very important to remember that, even though we are in Canada, many Native Reserves still do not have a secure water supply. So breastfeeding promotion and a ban on artificial milk marketing are essential for our children’s health!

As a certified Lactation Consultant (after my name, you can see the letters IBCLC, which stand for International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) with 20 years experience this year, I work with and abide by professional Standards of Practice and a Code of Ethics. The Standards of Practice make sure mothers and babies are protected at all times and that I apply only evidence-based practice in my work. The Code of Ethics ensures that I respect different guidelines, and one of them is that I do not associate myself with any baby artificial milk companies. You can read up on the IBCLC’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics by following these links:

For the respect of my credentials and, most importantly, for the safety of mothers and babies, I want to set the record straight!!!!

Thank you for reading me.  🙂

Dany Gauthier, IBCLC

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