Posted by: Admin | April 30, 2011

The Week-End Blog – Breastfeeding in TV

Don’t we need a little laughter during the week-end? I know I do! Breastfeeding is no laughing matter, but many movies and TV shows talk about breastfeeding in some way, and as breastfeeding is always an uncomfortable subject within American culture because it involves “breasts”, it is usually turned into a comic event. One very funny TV moment was presented to us by the 2001 to 2005 TV show starring Damon Wayans, My wife and kids.

In this TV series, Wayans portrays a loving husband and father of three who uses a unique parenting style to teach his children life’s lessons. The series consistently presented everyday themes with a lot of humor.

This specific episode shows two couples going to breastfeeding class. They are asked to wear fake breasts to demonstrate different breastfeeding positions. The fake breasts bras are filled with some kind of milk and the two guys quickly change this class into a “breast battle”. Funny!!!!… More

Have a nice joyous week-end!



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