Posted by: Admin | May 3, 2011

The 2000-hits Post – Breastfeeding is what this is all about!

Congratulations to! This week we went over the 2000 hits mark.

But why was created in the first place?

Breastfeeding is essential for human survival. I know I sound corny and over-the-top militant when I say this, but I believe in it just as much as I believe in the importance of ecological considerations in our everyday life. Our planet is not doing so well. We need to put all our energy together to make a better world for our children. This might seem very pessimistic, but on the contrary, I do see our future with an optimist’s eye: I would not have brought a child into this world 6 years ago had I believed this world to be doomed.

Just as our world needs cleaning up, our bodies and mind need to be kept healthy. There is only one place to start anew: at birth! Breastfeeding nourishes the bodies, the minds and the hearts of our children. Not only does it bring mother and baby closer together, it prevents actual illnesses and it is the only living multi-illnesses vaccine around. With all the new mutant viruses and the bacteria growing stronger in resistance to more and more antibiotics, we have one essential tool to fight with: human milk. What we give our children when we breastfeed them is a resistance like no other, providing them the strength to fight off infections and chronic illnesses. When our children receive human milk at birth and for as long as possible, we boost their immune systems and build their bodies and  minds towards Myupimastisiuun; it is a gift they will benefit from throughout their lives.

What is the objective of the Blog?

My goal is to write about breastfeeding. In good times or in bad, with humour or with tears, but to write about breastfeeding so YOU will talk about it, so YOU will be convinced and supported, and so YOU can help yourself and others.

I hope you enjoy reading me because I sure enjoy writing for you!



  1. Happy International Day of the Midwife!

  2. Congratulations Dany you were born to blog! I’m really enjoying your posts and it’s bringing back a lot of memories. -K

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