Posted by: Admin | May 8, 2011

The Week-End Post – a special posting on Sunday for Mother’s Day – Breastfeeding in video clips

Breastfeeding is portrayed in many different ways in media. In previous blog entries I have posted some excerpts from movies and TV shows. This time, I’m giving you a music video clip from French singer-songwriter  Axelle Red. Born in Belgium in 1968 as Fabienne Demal, Axelle skyrocketed to fame in French-speaking European countries and Quebec. Some of you might remember her song Sensualité.

A militant humanist, Axelle studied and graduated as a lawyer before becoming a songwriter. She traveled the world to fight for human rights and domestic violence awareness, and is a UNICEF ambassador for the rights of children and women in war-torn countries. In May 2008, the University of Hasselt awarded Axelle the honorary title of ‘Doctor Honoris Causa’ for her social commitment as an artist and human rights activist. She recently wrote her first album in English, Sisters and Empathy.

A mother herself, she rejoices in motherhood and has held a strong militant view of the need for salary equality and respect for all women. She has always been a little “fleur bleue”, on the “hippy” side. Axelle is a woman I respect, as she seems to be able to put all the different roles a woman can have into one feminine and sensual body and is still able to project the image of a doting, affectionate mother and lover.

You can watch and hear her sing a French and English version of a song in this very laid-back video clip. Axelle has always presented breastfeeding as a very normal yet important part of life. In the clip, you will just glimpse a mother breastfeeding her toddler, but the way the camera briefly rests on the woman’s and the child’s nakedness and catches the scene is a hymn to life itself. It is a beautiful way to start Mother’s Day.

On this very special day, I am thinking about all the mothers of the world and how they put sunshine into their children’s heart.

Happy Mother’s Day to all! 🙂

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