Posted by: Admin | May 12, 2011

Over 4 000 hits! My thoughts on imprinting gets almost 2 000 hits…

I was surprised when I saw the stats on Tuesday night. Everytime I publish a post, I check to see the number of hits it receives. This tells me if the subject met my readers’ expectations, if they liked it, etc.

This lastTuesday night, I was sure there was an error somewhere… 1 758 hits in one day? On a good post, I get maybe 150… After checking a few things, it was confirmed. The post on imprinting really received almost 2 000 hits in one day. Wow!

It also received a lot of comments. Most are positive but it is the first time I receive a negative comment. I am always happy to get comments. I read them carefully and I like to acknowledge what people have to say. This specific comment is very important as it reflects what most women go through when giving birth to their child. Birth is rarely the ideal and perfect thing I talk about in my posts. Thank you my readers for making my posts more real with your experiences!



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