Posted by: Admin | May 21, 2011

The Week-End Post – Breastfeeding and children’s cartoons

Last Tuesday, my post was about the influence of different “cultures” on our children. The definition of “cultures”  in that post was more general and meant the different “worlds” the child comes into contact with, not only the culture that is related to the ethnic background of a person.

We could consider “cartoons”  a  culture that children come into contact with. Here are 3 different video clips. I was in awe when I watched the first one! It is from the Native Breastfeeding Council of the Native American Indian of Sonoma County. They wrote a puppet show about the importance of breastfeeding and filmed it to look like a cartoon. This would be a great thing to present in the schools of Eeyou Itschee.

This second clip is a cartoon from UNICEF (the United Nations Children’s Fund). UNICEF and the WHO (The World Health Organization) are the creators of the Baby-Friendly Initiative. The WHO recommends breastfeeding exclusively until the baby is 6 months old, and continuing to breastfeed with the addition of complementary foods up to two years of age and beyond.

The third one is a silly funny clip and might be regarded more as adult humour. It shows the Family Guy dad breastfeeding baby Stewie. My husband does not find this very funny, but the more I watch this very short clip, the more I laugh at the baby’s reaction when he realizes that it is not his mom breastfeeding him.

Hope you have a good laugh…I did!


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