Posted by: Admin | May 28, 2011

Help for all Native Mothers!

The May 17th post brought you an excerpt from an old Sesame Street show with Buffy Sainte-Marie breastfeeding her child. I was really happy to find something on the Web related to Native mothering. The blog is created for native mothers and I would like my posts to reflect that. My interest in Native issues initially came from the fact that my great-grandmother was a Mohawk. In addition, I have always had an interest in discovering what other cultures were all about. In adulthood, my first real passion became my children, and being a Certified Lactation Consultant has provided me with a wonderful profession. I was a late bloomer and attended university after the birth of my first three children, at which point I then discovered another passion: anthropology! This led me to learn much more about the First Nations, and I made a point of reading and learning all I could about that part of my ancestry.

Working for a First Nation was in my life plan! I did not know it would be with the Eastern James Bay Crees, but I knew one day my path would lead me to a native nation. When the occasion presented itself to work with a Cree Nation, it was a calling. My work here has allowed me to meet great people, people who will influence me for the rest of my life.

In creating this blog, I wanted to give support and information to breastfeeding mothers and their families. I also hoped that being online would give native breastfeeding issues the exposure they deserved. In addition, though, this blog has also allowed me to grow as a person and as a writer. But mostly, this blog has allowed me to make contact with other bloggers following the same mandate: to give support and information to breastfeeding native mothers and their families. Two fellow bloggers I appreciate the most are Serena Meyers and Jolie Black Bear. They are the owners and co-authors of My first reaction when I looked at their blog was “Hey, they copied my blog!” – but no, they started blogging before I did, so I am the one who would have copied their blog, had I known it existed… lol! The topics we cover are actually only the beginning of the similarities between our two blogs. When you look at’s blog, you might think you are on, as both even have the same look!

These two ladies write for all native women all over the word. I love their moto:  “Where traditional wisdom meets evidence-based information”. They have a very special way of transforming raw and complicated data into easy reading. Some of my favourite posts are the ones about Breastfeeding and the teenage mother, Breastmilk storage, Breast compression, Anatomy of the breast and Breastfeeding and birth control methods. Their older posts present many resources available on different issues, and some very interesting posts introduce recent research. Reading their blog, I have come across a native video, very similar to our Cree Mother’s Love video, called Breastfeeding our Children, Honoring our Values. You can view the video’s promotional flyer at:

And you can watch the full movie here:

Thank you Native Mothering! Thank you to my blog sisters Serena and Jolie! Thank you for helping native mothers!!!

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