Posted by: Admin | June 21, 2011

My thoughts on why breastfeeding triggers many different feelings !

What do you do when you see a woman breastfeeding her child? Do you stare at her? Do you turn your head away in fear of embarrassing her? To you check if you can see her breasts? Do you look around to see how others are reacting? But mainly, do you go over to her and tell her what a wonderful gift she is giving her child?

A woman breastfeeding her child in public can get all kinds of reactions. People are different; they are born into specific cultures and have various backgrounds. People will also react according to their age and sex. Small children do not notice a woman is breastfeeding, preteens tend to giggle, and adult men are sometimes embarrassed when they suddenly realize they have been holding a 15 minute conversation with a woman who is breastfeeding. A woman does not have to show her breasts to breastfeed. Most of the time, we think the baby is sleeping, and only on closer examination do we realize the baby is breastfeeding. I have seen men jump in surprise and turn red after having gone towards the lady and bent down to tickle the child’s cheek only to realize they are seeing a bit of flesh and hearing some sucking sounds.

I have also witnessed some frowns and disapprobation from women, and when that happens, I feel let down by my female sisterhood. Should we not stick together and approve of women fighting for their rights and those of their children? We too easily forget that the child has a fundamental right to be breastfed anywhere and anytime! I will talk about his more on Thursday’s post, but right now, I want to know how you feel about breastfeeding in public and what emotions it brings out in you.

What do you FEEL when you see a woman breastfeeding her child? A soft tenderness? Thankfulness that the Creator has provided women with milk for their babies? Does it bring back memories of the smell and softness of a baby’s skin? Or, do you feel guilt that you were not able to breastfeed? Do you feel repulsed by it because you were once abused and do not like to be touched in such a way? All these emotions can exist in us and can be brought out when we see a woman breastfeeding her child. When overwhelmed with such feelings, you do not need to judge yourself or others; you only need to understand that love is shown in many different ways, and that this woman wanted to show love to her child with the act of breastfeeding.

Thank you for reading me and please let me know how you feel about breastfeeding in public! 🙂

Thursday’s Post: Dear LC, is it true that there is a law that allows and protects breastfeeding in public?

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