Posted by: Admin | July 9, 2011

The Week-End Post – Can you believe she is breastfeeding?

I always try to find entertaining video clips for the Week-End post, and this time I think I will really hit the spot!!!

I have posted a few things on breastfeeding in public and the different reactions some people can have when they see a woman breastfeeding her child. Usually the reactions are related to how much of the mother’s breast is exposed or to the age of the child; the older the child is, the more difficult it is for some people to accept breastfeeding as normal.

In this video clip, women and men of all ages react strongly to this mother feeding her child because of what she represents. Naturally, it is a prank done for a TV show…but it is really funny to see the people’s reactions.

Have a good week-end and enjoy the sun!!! 🙂

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