Posted by: Admin | July 24, 2011

The Week-End Post: Earth Mother calling the Moon!!!!!

I have just read a post on a blog written by Blue Milk, (the pseudonym of a breastfeeding mother) that made me smile! Not a sly smile, not a “I-told-you-so” sort of smile, not even a “it’s so funny smile”… but  a very thankful smile.

I came across her post trying to find references to breastfeeding in novels. She talks about the novel Room by Emma Donoghue, which I plan on e-buying ( I bought a Kindle after deciding I should try to save a few trees…) . It seems that Room explores a mother and child relationship that is define by “extended” or “extreme” breastfeeding. Extended breastfeeding simply means the child is breastfed well into his toddler years; “extreme” breastfeeding is just what some people call any breastfeeding beyond the age of 4, but I find the word too strong. “Extreme” breastfeeding sounds too much like an “extreme” sport. 🙂

What made me smile in Blue Milk’s post was the way she tries to describe herself according to the “dominant” (I don’t like that word…) society’s standards, but she has trouble achieving this because the label she always used for herself, “career woman”, just doesn’t fit with the fact that she is breastfeeding a toddler! This blogger goes on to say that she feels having a child has changed her and that she does not see things as she had before. Blue Milk explains she does not seem to fit into a specific stereotype anymore. She cannot think of herself as an Earth Mother, as she wears tight skirts and high heels, but none-the-less she is “extended” breastfeeding, just as a Flower Child would!

There are more and more of us out there: women who are crossing over into different paths.

I understand her well. I have felt this way for a long time. I feel like I do not belong to any stereotype. I am a vegetarian and very conscious of my planet’s needs, but I also feel quite feminine wearing nail polish and make-up! I love everything natural, animals, trees and camping, but I can’t stand having gray hair and my hair must have just the right curl! And then,  everyone knows how important breastfeeding is to me and how, since her birth, I must always be around my daughter…but I need to study and work in order to feel I am not wasting my learning abilities! So I chose to practice extended breastfeeding… while working, and even while at work!

I found that a long-term breastfeeding relationship changed and transformed me. It made all the different women in me come out and yell to the world: Hey world! Can you see me? Yes, me. Yeah, that’s right! I am a woman of my time living her life to the fullest. I love who I am and I do not need to fit a “label” to accept myself as I am! I am a working mother who embraces motherhood and breastfeeding!

I am writing this looking at the full moon and wondering if there is anything comparable to the empowerment obtained by breastfeeding! I do not think so… 🙂

If you would like to read Blue Milk’s post, just go to:

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