Posted by: Admin | August 4, 2011

Dear LC – Can I smoke pot while breastfeeding?

I always like to start my Dear LC answers by a Yes or a No. This time, the answer is much more complicated.

The truth is: we just don’t know… Right now, to this day, there is no evidence that tells us there is a proven dangerous risk to a baby if he is breastfed by a mother who smokes pot occasionally. We cannot observe any immediate negative effects on a child whose mother smokes a joint or two once in awhile, but we do not know if there are long-term negative effects. Pot has a specific psycho-active chemical compound called ∆9-THC. This substance is stored in body fat and stays there for a long time. A breastfed baby whose mother smoked one joint about a month ago will probably test positive for the substance in his urine.

Here is what you need to know about smoking pot if you are breastfeeding:

– It does pass into breastmilk.

– It will be stored in your body fat and in your baby’s body fat.

– The long-term effects on the breastfed baby are unknown.

– The amount of ∆9-THC your baby will receive is dose-related, which means the more you smoke pot, the more your breastfed baby will receive ∆9-THC from your breastmilk.

– If you smoke so much pot that you cannot concentrate, you will not be able to take care of your baby, so you must make sure your baby is with someone who will care for him. Never have your baby with you in the same house if a alcohol or drug party is going on and never leave him unattended.

– The pot you will use might not be pure and can be laced with other substances that might be very dangerous for your baby.

– It is an illegal recreational drug and all official medical organizations and public health agencies will tag it as being contra-indicated during the breastfeeding period.

– The smoke from smoking pot is as hazardous as cigarette smoke, if not more so. Never smoke inside the house or around your children.

All this said, breastfeeding is extremely important and offers emotional and physical health benefits that can outweigh the “possible” risk of smoking a few joints. The decision to smoke pot while you are breastfeeding is yours to make, but you need to take into consideration that you are also making the decision for your baby. He cannot speak out for himself!


  1. My daughter smokes pot, drinks, and does oxicoton the later not as frequent because its to expensive to buy her and her boy friend I believe don’t care about the affects this will have on the baby while shes breast feeding. I m not allowed to see the baby so I had to call dcf they haven’t done a thing the baby will be 2 months on the 22nd what can I do?

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