Posted by: Admin | December 20, 2011

Blog Post – Baby-Led vs Guided Latch-On

A problem some mothers encounter when breastfeeding their baby is a painful latch-on. We once thought that some nipples were too tender to breastfeed without feeling pain. But why should breastfeeding be painful only for some mothers?  About 20 years ago, breastfeeding experts came up with the idea that how the mother and baby were positioned and the manner in which the baby was brought to the breast could be responsible for painful nipples. Since then, many different techniques were explored to make the breastfeeding experience pain-free for the mom. Many trials and case-studies allowed us to conclude that a good body position and a nice deep latch-on to the breast also allowed the baby to obtain more milk than a shallow latch. Through the years, the technical side has given way to a more natural approach. We are now looking at what is called a “baby-led” latch. This video, filmed at the famous International Breastfeeding Center (originally the Newman Clinic) in Toronto, is one of many little clips that Dr Newman and his colleague, Edith Kellerman, had the thoughtfulness to make available free of charge as a teaching tool for breastfeeding women. You can find a few of their videos on You Tube and you can watch others on their web site:

Here is one of the clips found on You Tube. It shows a baby-led latch. Because the video is meant to teach, it is very explicit visually. The mother is completely uncovered. I mention it just so you can plan when to watch this. In my home, nobody would think twice to see me watch boobies’ videos (this is what my kids used to say…). But it might be a little different if you live with your father-in-law or a teenage stepson… and they happen to come into the room as the shot where the mother’s chest is completely exposed appears. 🙂

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