Posted by: Admin | May 25, 2012

You were breastfed for over three years: What do you remember about it?

Many of us were breastfed, but few can still remember the experience: how our mother’s milk tasted and how it made us feel. If you do remember being breastfeed, please share it with

Breastfeeding past infancy (over 6 months old) and well into toddler years is frequent in Eeyou Itschee but it is done in the homes, away from the public eye. It is during sharing circles or breastfeeding trainings that the Cree tradition of children being breastfed for a long time reveals itself. Our present North American and European society does not see this as an appropriate practice, although it is still practiced in First Nations, South America, and in most other countries of the world.

The age of weaning has been evaluated at around 7 years old by anthropologists, estimating from the age of adult teeth eruption, the comparison of gestation and breastfeeding durations ratio in other species, and the age at which the child has built most of his own immunity. There are real benefits to being breastfed past infancy: the protection against illnesses, the bonding and trust created between mother and child and the self-esteem and confidence obtained by being so openly and unconditionally welcomed into your mother’s arms are just a few. If you were breastfed long enough that you remember how it felt, please share your thoughts and memories with us!!!


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