Posted by: Admin | November 8, 2012

The Breastfeeding Week Radio Show

Our annual Breastfeeding Week Call-in radio show was done live yesterday on the Eyou Dipajimoon show. It should soon be online, and then you can listen to it whenever you wish on the web site. Also, there will be more today as an elder, Mrs Emma Matoush, will share her thoughts on breastfeeding with us. So listen in at noon today on:

Our host, Joshua Loon, had some great questions, and we also received some very interesting questions from people who called in. The first one: Should I supplement my baby if he has not regained his birth weight by 1 or 2 weeks old? The next question: Can a mother breastfeed both a newborn and a toddler at the same time? And the last one: Can breastmilk transmit Cree Leukoencephalopathy? I answered each of the questions on the radio show, but as time is always of essence on the radio, I was not able to elaborate as much as I would have liked. In the next few days, I will answer each of the questions in different posts on this Blog, so come back and read!

I would like to sincerely thank Mrs Helen Iserhof who did such a great job at translating my answers. This show could not have happened without her participation.

Thank you to all who collaborated or listened to our show!

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