Posted by: Admin | April 16, 2013

Facebook bans breastfeeding pictures

Would you publish pictures of yourself breastfeeding your baby on a Facebook page? If not, why wouldn’t you? If so, what would you think of being banned from Facebook because you did?

This is exactly what happened to  a woman who runs a breastfeeding promotion page on Facebook. She did not post a picture of herself breastfeeding, but a follower of her page did. Many mothers like to post pictures of themselves and their babies breastfeeding. Some of those pics do not show anything but a little bit of flesh peek-a-booing between the baby and the mother’s clothes. Some are a little more telling and show the shape of a breast or – “Oh, no!” – a little of the areola. As a Certified Lactation Consultant, I see nothing wrong in those pictures. They show the beauty and innocence of babies. Breastfeeding pictures also succeed in showing the world the selfless act of nourishing a being from your own body, needing nothing else to make that human fully develop in complete “myuupmatsiuun” (holistic well-being in Cree)!

These pictures show little miracles that are repeated constantly every day in all parts of the world. They represent the one unity that binds all humans together: the desire to care for our offspring.

Facebook banned this woman’s breastfeeding page twice because of the breastfeeding pictures. Realizing their error, they apologized. When reading an article about this, though, I was attracted to the comments. I feel I need to know what my fellow man (or woman) thinks so I can better promote the importance of breastfeeding in words everyone will understand. Once again, I was taken aback by the points of view expressed in the comments. If you would like to read this article, go to:

Please let me know how YOU feel about posting breastfeeding pictures on Facebook in the comments of And, go a little further and post some of your breastfeeding pictures on Creebreastfeeding’s Facebook Page at:

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