Posted by: Admin | May 3, 2013

Safe baby care starts at the bottom!!!

Heard the news lately? Baby wipes contain an ingredient that is dangerous for your baby’s blood and liver. They should not be used on children under 3 years old.

This warning comes from the ANSM (Agence nationale de la sécurité du médicament et des produits de santé). Most wipes contain a large quantity of phenoxyethanol, an oily chemical substance used as a preservative. The chemical is also highly allergenic. Many cosmetics contain phenoxyethanol and European laws limit the quantity of this chemical to 1%, but this is deemed too high a concentration for use on children under 3 years old. The recommendations are to use only phenoxyethanol-free baby wipes and, for other baby products, only those that contain less than .4% of the chemical.

What can we use instead?

Wiping little behinds is not our preferred activity but it has to be done, right? Using wipes surely made our life easier, but apart from the important warning about the danger of the phenoxyethanol, its disposable quality also creates problems for our environment.

Going back to the old days is not only fashionable, it is also the most sensible and simple option. I bet you think I am going to suggest the use of moss bags, and I would if I knew we were all living year-round in the bush! As most of us live in houses,, though, the good old washcloth with warm soapy water is what I will suggest you use after first wiping most of your baby’s stool away with toilet paper. The washcloths can be washed without bleach; use a little vinegar and let them dry in the sun to get the stains out (the sun does a beautiful job on stains). Chemical-free wipes are another option. Look on the package: the ingredients should be listed.

Do not forget your baby’s genital area and behind also need to be washed with warm soapy water (use a soft soap), rinsed and dried very well to avoid chapping, irritations and rashes.

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