Posted by: Admin | November 21, 2013

Breastfeeding Week 2013 Activities in WASWANIPI on Friday November 15 ended its week with a visit to Waswanipi. The taxi traveled at a steady speed amongst the white covered spruces. The roads were slushy as the mild snowy weather kept an above zero temperature that melted any newly fallen snow.
Int BF Loga
I arrived too late for the brunch and bingo activity so the Awash Coordinator and I went to the Cultural Village for a delicious heart-warming bowl of moose soup and bannock. We chatted and drank tea while waiting for the afternoon activity of baby blanket making to start. This gave me the time to settle and observe my surroundings. The Cultural Village lodge in Waswanipi is a beautiful log cabin. The CHRs had prepared a beautiful booth on breastfeeding and I was able to take a few pictures of it.
Ceciclia making bb blankets
When the participants arrived, they finished the baby blankets they had started at the beginning of the week. We were also able to observe the agile hands of Cecilia who guided everyone’s work. We were able to admire all the other baby blankets made for the gift basket to be handed out by the soon-to-come Niishiyuu program.
Healthy Snack
A nice fruit salad and yogurt snack was served to everyone with coffee or the traditional tea. Everyone chatted while working.
It was a beautiful relaxing afternoon in good company. Thank you Marlene E. Dixon, Nathania Happyjack and Desire for the company and a big thank you to Cecilia for the soup 🙂
Marlene, Desire and Nathania
Vanessa and bb Lisa-Kitta
BFWeek Booth

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