Posted by: Admin | January 22, 2015

Let’s start the year with a big bang : Why wouldn’t YOU breastfeed?

You are pregnant, you just had a baby? You are considering  breastfeeding but are still unsure? Or maybe you are breastfeeding, but still wondering if it is really worth it? So here are some facts and research findings that might help you start or continue breastfeeding.

First, how about doing this for YOU? You will gain from breastfeeding your baby in many different ways. You will feel great about yourself when you realize your baby is thriving on your breastmilk alone. You have an incredible power: that is to take care for every need your child has. YOU will make him grow strong and beautiful. Every centimeter, every gram he will put on, will be the result of YOUR breastmilk. This is a wonderful feeling. It gives you a whole different perspective on being a woman. You will fulfill your role and reaffirm your gender in all its glory. You will also get some practical benefits: no need to prepare anything, no worries about mixing the artificial milk in exact proportions, no need to run around to find the right artificial milk brand and, last but not least, more money in your pocket. Health wise, you will probably not see the return of your moon time for awhile (Yeah!), your uterus will get back to its previous state very quickly, you should return to pre-pregnancy weight faster and if you are diabetic (type 1) your blood glucose level should be lower and more easily managed. You also profit from long term benefits: less risk of hip fractures or osteoporosis (brittle bones) and less risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer.

Now let’s focus on this extraordinary substance: Breastmilk!

You know how Elders tell us it is important to eat food from the land? Because it is “alive” and it gives you strength as the meat is very powerful? Just as powerful as the animal killed, whether it is a bear, a moose or a goose, all game meat have the power of giving you an immense boost of energy because it is so fresh,  so “alive”. The boost is even stronger if you eat the meat right after the kill. Breastmilk is just like that. It is “alive” while your baby is drinking it. It is full of strength, warmth and power. It makes him strong. Breastfeeding is a spiritual experience you share with you baby and it will follow both of you through the years. Breastmilk feeds the body, the soul and the spririt in both of you.

On a more scientific note, it contains all the perfect ingredients in exact proportions. It has the water your baby needs. It is not too light, not too fat. It contains just the right amount of protein for your baby’s muscles to develop at the right time. Your breasts also transform your blood’s glucose into lactose, a sugar essential for your baby’s brain development.

Most ingredients in breastmilk that are “foods” meant to feed the body, also have a second role. They protect your child against illnesses. A breastfeeding baby has 2 times less risk of getting a respiratory infection (ear and throat infection, bronchitis, pneumonia). He is also three times less likely to suffer from gastroenteritis or diarrhea. If he does catch one of those illnesses, he will probably react very little or be just a little sick. Breastmilk will help him overcome many other viruses and bacteria.

Breastmilk promotes the growth of your baby’s tissue: skin, bones, muscles, organs, brain, etc. It contains growth hormones. It also has anti inflammatory properties which offer your baby protection against diabetes, bowel diseases and other inflammatory diseases.

Because of specific breastmilk proteins that help your baby absorb iron better, he is also protected against iron deficiency anemia if he is exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months.

On top of all of this, breastfeeding promotes bonding between mother and child. The contact with his mother’s skin, the constant touching and caressing develops his emotional brain which helps him develop into a more balanced individual able to be empathic towards others, with better impulse control and more self confidence. Some studies even mention better academic performances in children with longer breastfeeding duration.

So now, after reading all this, I ask you: Why wouldn’t YOU breastfeed?

Happy New Year! Wishing you health, wealth and peace.

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