Posted by: Admin | December 20, 2016

Holiday Breastfeeding

Things can get hectic around the holidays, especially for breastfeeding mothers.  There are many additional demands on the brand new mother and sometimes breastfeeding gets forgotten in the rush of trying to get everything done. Not everyone can bring their baby with them to every outing or event. If mothers and babies are separated at this time, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain breastfeeding when they are reunited. The first few weeks are the most crucial for establishing a good milk supply, so skipping feedings at this time can have a big effect later on.  Here are a few tips that can help make these separations go more smoothly and help avoid a dip in milk supply or an unintended weaning.

Mothers should take breaks to express milk regularly when they are away from their baby. This is important so that she will avoid engorgement, and mastitis and also to keep up her milk supply.  Manual breast pumps are easy to carry, discrete and allow mothers to save the milk to feed to their babies at a later date. If that isn’t possible, the most portable of all breast pumps is the mother’s own hands! Manual expression can be easy, too and will let the mother ease off the discomfort from overly full breasts.

Once the mother and baby are back together again, the mother should plan to spend some time with her baby so she can offer the breast often, in order to rebuild the milk supply and rediscover the connection of breastfeeding.

Dany G., the previous author of this blog, wrote some other really good posts about Holiday Breastfeeding.

Christmas time is a fun but risky time for breastfeeding mothers!

Enjoy reading her words as well.

A safe and happy holiday to everyone!

Kimberley M.

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