Posted by: Admin | February 22, 2017

Visit to Waswanipi

As breastfeeding consultant for Public Health one of my roles is to visit communities to offer support and training to the health care workers. This past week I made my first visit to Waswanipi. I went along with the nurse counselor from Public Health. We were very warmly received. It was enjoyable to hear from the workers what they saw as the strengths of their community, and how we could help them to deal with some of the challenges to supporting families in the perinatal period, and for me particularly, to hear about how they support families on their breastfeeding journey.

During the course of this visit, I got to visit the Cultural Centre and have some traditional food for lunch. It was a gorgeous sunny day and we enjoyed walking around the community and getting a feel for the people and the nice view of the tiipii at the Cultural Centre.

At the end of the training day, the workers seemed more confident in their knowledge about prenatal care, birth and breastfeeding and will certainly be passing along their new information to the families in Waswanipi.

During the training, we watched a number of videos, including one that has been shared on Cree Breastfeeding before, but that is worth sharing again. The Creator’s Gift to Mothers is a lovely video that can be watched by pregnant women, by grandmothers, partners and anyone in the community that wants to know a little bit more about the importance of breastfeeding. Enjoy!

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