Posted by: Admin | April 26, 2017

Travelling and breastfeeding

One of the wonderful things about breastfeeding is how much easier it is to get out and about with your breastfed baby.

You don’t have to worry about forgetting a bottle somewhere. You don’t have to wonder if your baby will fuss because the formula was mixed with different water. You don’t have to worry about how many supplies to bring, if you’ll have access to clean water or if you can find a way to heat up formula. And if your baby is exclusively breastfeeding, things are even easier.

You have the right to nurse your baby anywhere you are allowed to be. You don’t need to cover up or move to a secluded area. You may feel more confident about nursing in public if you choose clothes you feel comfortable in. This could be a loose T-shirt, a loose undershirt under a hoodie, a blouse you unbutton from the bottom or special nursing tops.  You may find a light blanket helpful, but often those just make latching the baby more awkward. Many babies don’t like something covering their face when they are feeding.

If you are taking an airplane, breastfeeding during take-off and landing can ease the pressure in your baby’s ears. Wearing your baby in a baby carrier or wrap will make it easier to get around airports.

On a long car trip, make sure to allow for extra time for breastfeeding stops. Plan to stop as often as your baby usually feeds. You will probably need a snack and a drink yourself at that point as well. It’s important to keep your baby in the car seat while you are driving. When you stop, you can to take him out to feed him and hold him and let him change positions. I remember when my youngest child was 5 months old, I was driving from Montreal to Halifax and he was terribly unhappy in the car seat. It was tough, but we just stopped really often to make sure he was fed and comfortable and then strapped him back in and started again. Once we made it safely to our destination, we were able to enjoy all the necessary cuddles to help him adjust to being in a new place.

Breastfeeding is security. Babies that are going to a new place may find all the sights, smells and sounds confusing. It can be difficult to keep your usual routine. Mother’s breast provides a safe, familiar place for baby to relax and adjust to being in the new environment.

If you’re going somewhere crowded, be glad you’re breastfeeding! Those extra immune boosts will help protect your baby from all the new bacteria and viruses he is encountering.

If you’re headed into the bush, you will not need to worry about how to heat the baby’s milk or wonder how much to bring. Your milk is always at the right temperature and convenient.

Overall, breastfeeding makes travelling with your baby a lot easier.

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