Posted by: Admin | November 18, 2013

Breastfeeding Week 2013 Activities in Mistissini

On Tuesday November 12, the Mistissini CMC Awash team organized a wonderful sharing activity. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers were invited to attend a short presentation on the Benefits of Breastfeeding given by

Participation was great but not exactly what we expected. The weather was bad; heavy snow with wind gusts probably scared new mothers and they were not inclined to get out of the house with their new babies. We had a pregnant mom, an Elder, a nutritionist, two Community Health Representatives, two nurses in training and their nurse trainer, two HeadStart workers and their coordinator, the community organizer and myself.
BF Pamphlets

The topic being the Benefits of Breastfeeding, I suggested that we each take turns trying to find arguments that would “convince” our pregnant mom to breastfeed. Many items came out such as the importance of bonding, the lifelong protection that breastmilk provides, the convenience of breastfeeding, the benefit for the land, etc. Our Elder really went deep into her past experiences with breastfeeding, explaining how the mother’s love would flow through her milk, and talking about the magic properties of breastmilk and its use as a medicine to treat snow blindness and skin ailments. She also mentioned that she believed children suffered more from skin problems these days as a consequence of not breastfeeding.
BF Benefits Handouts

After sharing, we mingled and chatted with our plates full of healthy foods Sonia the nutritionist had provided: fruits, vegetables, crackers and soy beverages everyone tasted and liked.
Healthy Snack with Sonia

The Mistissini CMC Awash team also prepared nicely wrapped little gifts for pregnant and breastfeeding moms: a sticker on breastmilk storage, small mason jars to store expressed breastmilk, and baby facecloths. Some information sheets on breastfeeding were also handed out.
Group Pic
In all, a well organized and very pleasant gathering!
Thank you Mistissini CMC Awash and HeadStart teams.

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