Posted by: Admin | June 14, 2013

Part 2 – The power of words: Talking to your children might help them perform better in school

Recently, a study showed that the more you talk to your child, the more he could succeed in school. The results came as a surprise to the researchers. They knew talking to children helped them, but they were looking more into what was said and not at how much was said. The results showed them that it was not only the positive or negative words or the amount of teaching or preaching that helped school performance, but the amount of talking time as a whole. As a result of this study, some health services are hiring and training home visitors into a new program: Creating Family Conversation.

This study also pointed out a strong disparity: children from families on welfare heard a total of 600 words per hour, while others from professional families heard 2 100 words. Also children who heard more words before the age of 3 had higher IQs and did better in school. Words heard from the TV did not help. On the contrary, it was harmful. It was also shown that parents talked more to girls than to boys. This could be one of the reasons why boys are not as successful in school.

If the results of this study can be applied to the population as a whole and if a child’s doing well in school is linked to how much his parents talk to him, the difference seen between children from a family with a lower income and the ones with a higher one could easily be overcome by teaching and giving support to parents through family conversation and family literacy programs. In Eeyou Itschee, the Shaptuan Adult Education Services of the Cree School Board is preparing a Family Literacy Project for Cree families; it should be available in the fall.

Here is the link to the article:

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