Posted by: Admin | December 20, 2013

A Word of Advice at Christmas Time

Many mothers are breastfeeding and trying to make it work through a very difficult time right now. The Holidays period is definitely not an easy one. Breastfeeding and taking care of a baby is a full-time job. It is hard just to find time to clean up the house, cook and do some washing. Imagine when we add to that the extra activities tied to Christmas and New Year? It’s a complete overload. I remember trying to adjust my baby’s schedule to allow for some Christmas shopping without skipping a breastfeed. I also remember well that I ended up using nighttime for housework, cooking, decorating and gift wrapping. Although it is the only way to fit all the extra activities in our daily maternal schedule, missing important sleep can lead to over tiredness, illness and, most often, a decrease in milk supply for the breastfeeding mother.

Many times I have heard mothers say they will start weaning because they are overwhelmed with all the chores or they do not want to miss out on all the parties. This is also when many breastfeeding support volunteers and clinic workers receive calls concerning low milk supply.

Leaving your baby more often to go shopping or partying will in fact result in a decrease in your milk supply, but if this happens, do not worry, your milk supply will go back up once you stay with your baby and resume breastfeeding as you were before. Also, it is very important not to wean on a whim or for a temporary situation. Breastmilk is the most important food in your child’s life. Artificial milk (or formula) is not equivalent in any way or form. Stopping breastfeeding, especially during the holidays when your child will be often exposed to other people and their illnesses, will take away to best protection against illnesses he will ever have. It also depletes him of all the benefits he can obtain later in life from being breastfed, as the longer and the more intensive the breastfeeding, the more protection will be given and received.

If you have decided or are encouraged to stop breastfeeding because of the Holidays, or if you have already stopped, please reconsider! Also, do not forget that breastfeeding also helps your baby to bond with you. Last year’s post mentions how to get your milk supply back.

The World Health Organization (WHO) often produces public service announcements to promote health and to encourage people to move towards a healthier way of life. WHO produced a short video on the normalcy of breastfeeding for all species. Enjoy this little Christmas gift from

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